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About Garden of the Nightingale

Garden of the Nightingale began as an after effect of Ying Ying's stone store in China. It was thought we can bring many other fine products into our marketplace from Asia so we began Garden of the Nightingale (Ying Ying's Garden) upon moving to USA. We had started investigating the options to open the business in the United States in 2005. In March 2006 we began our move with great anticipation and eagerness to advance the artistic charm the earth provides in the natural shapes and beauty of the fantastic stones we initially featured. We were confident that our stones would enhance the appearance of business and home alike with a professional appreciation of the art that the earth has provided in its natural setting. Our confidence has been paying off too as we've had great success in growth and exposure. Now we aim to gain new products and grow even further.

Ying Ying has owned her own stone business in China since 1998 and has acquired prominence in her field of expertise, dealing with national and international clients. She still maintains her store in China, with the help of her family. In 2002 she had served on the committee for organizing the Fantastic Stone International Conventions held in China.

Randy has been in the paint industry since 1974. He has been a painting contractor since 1979. His work has involved industrial, commercial and residential painting in both California and Utah, USA. Now he is working as a painter for Metro in Los Angeles. His work in Garden of the Nightingale and Fantastic Stones almost full time, alongside his painting job, began in late 2005.

The staff in China is working to press forward our enterprise while continuing to work in the business Ying Ying and her family started. They continue to run and maintain the store location in the middle of the Fantastic Stone District in China. They maintain the storage yard, locate more stones and help clients with translating, supplying transportation and general support for our customers.

Our market is open to all countries. Ying Ying has already been selling to clients in all of Asia and we will continue our policy to advance to other countries as well.