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Calendar of Events

Throughout the year we exhibit in various events, e.g. Street Faires; Arts and Craft Shows; and Jewelry, Gem, Mineral and Rock Shows. We will post on this page when such events will be held. Here you see some special highlights from the past year. Below the highlights you will see the locations where we will be displaying our stones.

Upcoming Events

This year will be on hold with regard to our attending shows and events as we usually have in the past because of other functions we hope to take advantage of. However, we do plan to attend the 7th International Fantastic Stone Festival in Liuzhou for 2012. This year's Opening Ceremonies begin October 1 and run for five days. Howerer, the full duration of the festival will be for a two week period. For any who wish to attend, contact us and we will keep you posted. Special arrangments will be made by the Liuzhou government for all in our group for hotel and meals during the opening ceremonies.

Highlights from previous events

  • Our exhibits in three Tucson shows met with spendid results
    Located in Tucson, AZ, Jan. 26 - Feb. 12, 2012
    Three locations were arranged for our displays at the Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show, 22nd Street Show and JOGS Gem and Jewelry Show. Due to health issues we hired four workers which helped tremendously and performed admirably with sales. Many customers were highly impressed with our products and continued ordering online during and after the show. We thank all our customers and friends we met who give support to our new and growing business. Ying Ying certainly looks forward to next year's trek to Tucson for the Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show and the 22nd Street Show.

  • Ying Ying was invited to and attended the 2010 6th International Fantastic Stone Festival
    Held in the beautiful province of Guangxi, China in the city of Liuzhou, the capital of Stone Appreciation, October 12 - 17, 2010
    Held every two years and one of the world renown events for stone appreciation and collectors. Ying Ying acts as liaison between China's committee and some of the groups in USA to attend and speak at the event. (View images and news videos of the event)