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6th International Fantastic Stone Festival

Read an excellent article about the Festival by Dr. Thomas Elias that appeared in the Bonsai & Stone Appreciation Magazine from Bonsai Club International

A bit of history of Liuzhou and the Festivals is also of interest.

Held every two years in Liuzhou, the capital of the Fantastic Stone industry. The 6th International Festival was held during October 12 -17, 2010.

Ying Ying had served on the committee in the past that organized such festivals and has kept in touch with her friends since moving to America. To date she has being used to act as a liaison between the present Liuzhou committee and groups in USA for attending and speaking at the festival. Special guests attending from U.S. were Ying Ying Hoover, Dr. Thomas Elias (guest speaker) and his wife Hiromi, and Soukhim Srun. Also, a group of seven from the California Aiseki Kai group were able to arrive later and enjoy the exhibit. The committee is eager to invite as many as possible attend any future festivals.  For the 2012 Festival we are focusing our invitation to the Cincinnati area as Cincinnati and Liuzhou are Sister Cities.

The images we display here are only a fraction of many photos we have. They portray some exceptional stone displays that were on exhibition as well as many old friends and new acquaintances that Ying Ying has developed over the years. We also show some of the more than 2000 exhibits that were on display during the event.

To see an enlarged view or to view the video (Real Player needed for videos) just click on the image. To return to the previous view, simply press the backspace button on your computer or the back arrow on your browser.

 News Clips and Photographs
News Video
Opening Ceremonies
News Video
Welcome Banquet
News Video
Special Guests Welcoming by
Liuzhou Government
News Video
Selecting the Choice Stones Tour
News Video
Walking the Floor
News Video
Expressions of the Harvest
Opening Day Starts off with a bang Joyful attendees. Zeng Min standing extending camera Shou Jia Hua (Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Land and Resources, Senior Economic Administrator) and Ying Ying
Jiao Yao Guang (Liuzhou Vice Mayor) and Ying Ying Jiao Yao Guang, Zeng Min and friend Tom Elias and Jin Da Zhong with other attendees
Ying, Zeng Min and Soukhim Zeng Min, Zhao Yan He and Zhou Guo Hua  
Zeng Min, Xu Wei Chong (Liuzhou Vice Mayor), Shou Jia Hua and Ying Ying   Ying Ying with Jin Da Zhong, stone friend Ying Ying and Guo Rong (Stone Magazine Editor) 
Soukhim, Bin Family (stone collectors, sellers and friends) and Ying Ying Ying Ying, Hiromi and Tom Elias Shou JiaHua and Soukhim
Sister Companies
(Fantastic Stones, USA and Hao Shi Guang, China)
Yun Zhung Kun, Zeng Min and Ying Ying Ying Ying, friend and Soukhim
Zeng Min, Ying Ying, Soukhim and representatives of the California Aiseki Kai Group Ying Ying, Zhang Cheng Huan and Luo Chen (Liuzhou News newspaper reporters) Ying Ying with Lan Tian Ye
(Actor, Artist, Stone Collector)