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Misc. Items

These items are made from our Chinese Picture Jasper. To learn more about these stones click here and get some information about their geological formation.

Pendants / Tokens - These are smaller pieces used as a pendant necklace, belt buckle, bolo ties or just a smooth rock to carry. We also have necklaces already made with a simple look.

Pen/Pencil Holders - Good for holding your pen, pencils or anything you wish.

PJ Gift Boxes - Designed for a perfect fit for two of our styles.

Rough Stone - A Lapidary's desire to make his own settings.

To see an enlarged view of the stone, just click on the image. To return to the previous view, simply press the backspace button on your computer or the back arrow on your browser.


 Pendants, Tokens

Used with Necklaces, Belt Buckles, Bolo Ties, etc.

Size of stone varies.

Typically   1.75"w x .25"d x 2"h

$ 6 each



Patterns, shapes and sizes vary.

Specify number of beads you desire when you order.

Options: 0-6

$ 10


Gift Box for PJ2

Also has used as Jewelry Box

$ 10 - Fourteen Remaining


Gift Box for PJ3

Also has used as Jewelry Box
$ 10 - Three Remaining


Pen, Pencil, Brush Holder

Patterns in stone vary
3"w x 3"d x 5"h
3 lbs

$ 48 - Ten Remaining


Rough Cut of Chinese
Picture Jasper

Cut and polish your own beautiful pieces

$ 2.00 per pound