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Previous Sales and Their Uses

Here we show you some of the boulders that have been sold in the past, from our first sale when the beautiful designs were plentiful and cheap when Ying Ying started the business and on to recent sales in the present.

Ying Ying's first sale to Korean client when she began business in 1998

1998    $740 USD

 To City of Liuzhou

1998    $400 USD
City Street Medians

2004    $15,290 USD

To City of Liuzhou

1999    $370 USD
Store Fronts

To Korean client

2005    $1,680 USD

To Korean client

2006    $2,860 USD 

To Korean client

2006    $1,875 USD

 To City of Changzhou

2007    $5,000 USD

2007    $36,000 USD 

2006   $3,975 USD
Office Landscape


2008    $10,000 USD

2007    $6,500 USD
Home Landscape