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Smaller Boulders

This page is a gallery of a gallery of fantastic stones that are naturally sculptured boulders below 1 ton in weight. They are beautiful pieces of natural art and ideal for interior officescapes, and in the lobbies of hotels and corporate office. It would be beneficial for you to confirm measurements if this is important for your placement of the piece, as editing errors can and do occur. Remember, shipping is already calculated to the Port of Los Angeles.

As explained in About Our Stones page, we presently we keep our boulders in our China location to keep our overhead down, thus keeping the prices low. Also, we keep them there as stones are part of the China culture and they sell faster.  For this reason we have changed our pages for the Boulder Listings.  Although most of our present listings you see here have sold, we hope you appreciate why we keep them listed. We do this so you can see the quality of what we can obtain for you. As we work with Ying Ying's brother, presently running the store in China and a network of others, many of our listings sale rather quickly. Please notify us with what you are looking for and we should be able to find it within a few days.

As for the pricing, keep in mind that any prices listed in this site are based on the exchange rate of the Chinese Yuan, thus the actual cost may, but likely not, vary at the time of sale. All our prices are negotiable.

To see an enlarged view of the stone, just click on the smaller image. To return to the previous view, simply press the backspace button on your computer or the back arrow on your browser.

Our Chinese Treasure
1.4'w x 1.6'd x 3.6'h
440 lbs.
$ 750,000
Available SB-2079
2.3'w x 2.7'd x 2.9'h
1.1 Tons
$ 5,250
2.6'w x 1.8'd x 2.6'h
441 lbs.
$ 13,200