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Our objective is to sell stones and make your home or office as beautiful as possible with the aid of what nature has available. The Chinese have a saying, 'The garden that is lacking stone, lacks real beauty.' That's why we bring our products to you through fairs, festivals and shows in various communities.

Also, we believe cooperation among members of a community is the lifeblood for any society. It is the same in business. Although each enterprise works to keep its entity profitable and thriving, it is essential for each to walk with the other in order to keep society working in a positive direction of trust and expansion.

In this page we include sites below that provide services and products with stones, rocks and boulders and others that we think will be of interest to you in your search for the product that will fit your needs.

You can also see a few examples of some of our past sales and their use by clicking  here.
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Bonsai Clubs International

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Roger Hopkins
Stone Sculptor and Associates

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Zinger Stones

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California Aiseki Kai
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Landscape Design and Construction
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Searcher's Gem and Mineral Society

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California Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc.

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Chinese Fantastic Stone Business Network

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Bonsai Boon

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Global Telecom Service Provider

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Xpo Press
Information for Major Gem and Mineral Shows In U.S.